What If? -- Edited by Peta Seaton

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  • What if -- Edited by Peta Seaton
  • ISBN 9781921421341
  • Publication date 01 Mar 2010
  • Format Paperback | 295 pages
  • Dimensions 148 x 210mm

Politicians are afraid to speak up, our parliaments and party organisations have lost their policy grunt, and our media caters to shorter attention spans and celebrities. It's not a good recipe for long-term ideas about how we live, work, and maintain our freedoms. What If? offers the answers to questions that others are too afraid to tackle. What if we had nuclear energy? What if schools could make profits? What if you could review government performance online, like eBay? What if we brought back state taxes? Or how about abolishing states? What if we stopped bribing people to buy houses, stopped propping up industry, let people from different backgrounds be school principals? What if we had first class rail travel, and schools teachers on individual contracts? What if you could sell your share of public services you don't want? What if you could read what Cabinet sees? The answers might surprise you - and many cows are not as sacred as they may have seemed. What-Iffers show we would have more choice, freer markets, government services that actually took you seriously, a stronger economy, better incentives and greater personal responsibility.

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