JOHN HOWARD FROM THE PAVILION: Shaping the Ascent to Power -- Edited by Andrew Blyth

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Shaping the Ascent to Power

Edited by Andrew Blyth

Foreword by Paul Kelly

Paperback, 192 pages, $29.95

ISBN 9781922815392

May 2023 Release

This book is a reproduction of John Howard’s weekly columns published in the national broadsheet, The Australian in 1989. His articles are a time capsule of evolving national and world events as the sun set on the 1980s. Presenting readers with a variety of topical issues, Howard’s columns are laced with political insights and anecdotes revealing his craft for engaging commentary. Offering readers a window into his beliefs and drive for political reform, Howard delves into economic uncertainty caused by high interest rates, increasing national debt, and rising unemployment as well as assessments on unfolding events in Eastern Europe, apartheid in South Africa, unrest in China, and the rise of Japan. We are also reminded of his passion for sport, namely cricket and his admiration for Australian Test Cricket captain, Allan Border. Howard moves seamlessly across economic, political and social affairs with enthusiasm and composure offering policy prescriptions that he as ‘Lazarus with a triple bypass’ would later adopt in shaping the ascent to power on 2 March 1996.

John Howard’s wilderness years are a study in resilience, determination and ambition. This book is a fascinating time-tunnel into the past as a once and future leader articulates the ideas, values and policies that were to be the foundation of his Lazarus-like return and becoming Australia’s second-longest serving Prime Minister.  –Troy Bramston

Naturally, I have re-read all the pieces I composed more than 30 years ago. There is not much I would like to take back.
–John Howard

The country had lost a columnist; it would gain a prime minister.
–Paul Kelly

My father ever after would marvel at what a good and clear writer he was, the ultimate compliment from one journalist to another... –Miranda Devine

Andrew Blyth was manager of the John Howard Prime Ministerial Library and Exhibition located at Old Parliament House, 2016-2023. He lectures in ideals and power to cadets and midshipmen at UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy and is undertaking a doctorate in public leadership at UNSW Canberra.

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