EVIDENCE on QUALITY SCHOOLING -- Scott Prasser, David Robertson and Helen Tracey

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Education Now 1
Scott Prasser, David Robertson and Helen Tracey

Paperback, 102 pages

ISBN: 9781922815002

March 2022 Release


This book sets out to take party politics and ideology out of the analysis of good schooling. It examines research and practical evidence about what works best in schools and sets out to present this in a way that enables those interested to make their own informed judgements when reacting to new education policy measures or assessing the programs and practices in the schools with which they are associated.

The Education Now series aims to synthesise the wealth of information that is available on the important features of schooling and present this in an accessible and objective way. Each paper in the series draws on sound data and reputable research findings and makes this evidence accessible to general readers keen to understand the wide range of influences on each student’s experience of school and to recognise what actions, by governments, schools and families, will make a difference.


Scott Prasser has worked in federal and state governments in senior public service research and policy roles and held several academic positions. He has served as senior adviser to federal ministers across education, immigration, and regional health. He holds undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications from Queensland and Griffith universities.

David Robertson has worked in the education sector in Victoria and Queensland for several decades. A qualified economist, his expertise covers school funding, Commonwealth and state education legislation and regulation and government policy processes. He has served on school education committees and working groups at ministerial, departmental, and stakeholder levels.

Helen Tracey has worked in research roles in universities following a career in public policy, mainly education policy, with the Commonwealth government. Helen has academic qualifications in political science, public policy and education from the Australian National University and the University of London (Institute of Education) and has completed numerous research projects on education and related areas.

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