The Little Black Schoolbook, Volume 2: Exams -- Dr Mark Lopez

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The Little Black School Book Volume 2: Exams

Dr Mark Lopez

Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  170 pages
Price:  $29.95
ISBN:  9781921421174

It gives the kids the power. It is very different to any other book they have read. It is a book that every family should know about. MARKETING STUDENT

The other guides don’t tell you about teachers.  They talk about essay writing and time management but not the important bit about how necessary it is to impress the teacher. LAW STUDENT

The methods seem to be applicable to all dimensions of life. I found it inspirational, instructional, interesting reading. ARTS/LAW STUDENT

It is not a study guide that just says this, this and this. Your book ends up saying you won’t feel anxious anymore. It says how you understand our lives. COMMERCE STUDENT

The Little Black School Book, Volume 2 (Exams) can be appreciated as a sequel to Volume 1 (Essays) or enjoyed on its own. 

The Little Black School Book Volume 2 provides you with powerfully effective exam techniques, comprehensively covering planning, preparation, and performance, liberating you so exams become an easier option. 

The Little Black School Book Volume 2 enables you to cultivate the personal qualities to make success more likely, how to make the positive changes on the inside so that positive changes to your outward circumstances follow. 

The Little Black School Book Volume 2 also explores examination systems, explaining what goes on in examiners’ minds. As well as showing you how to get ‘As’ from capable, competent educators, these indispensable insights also show you how to consistently triumph even if your examiner is biased, jaded or prejudiced. 

With The Little Black School Book, any circumstance in which students find themselves becomes an opportunity. 

Dr Mark Lopez gained his PhD at Monash University in 1997. He is the author of The Origins of Multiculturalism in Australian Politics: 1945-1975. He currently runs a private tutoring business called Competitive Advantage.

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