They are... Your Children: Take the Lead on Their Education -- Cheryl Lacey

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They are... Your Children

Take the Lead on Their Education

Cheryl Lacey

Paperback, 306 pages, $39.95

June 2023 release

ISBN 9781022815590

For your children…
Being students is one part of life.
Schools have value and teachers are important.
Being your children is for all of life.
Your role as parent is supremely valuable and important all of the time.
Not everything that happens at home is the school’s concern.
Everything that happens to your children at school is your concern.
You can be the voice for change; you can make a difference.
They are... Your Children
Take the Lead on Their Education

Cheryl writes with the heart of a mother, the expertise of an educator and the wisdom of experience. It’s a
beautiful and relatable book that will motivate you to take the lead in your child’s education.
—Simon Brown, Dad, Senior Clinical Counsellor and Behavioural Specialist, Melbourne, Australia

Thought-provoking insight from an educationist. An engaging read, cover-to-cover, the book provides relevant, practical and informative content, which empowers parents to see themselves as leaders of their child’s education.
—James McHale, Family Law Specialist and Mediator, Melbourne, Australia

This is an important book for parents, grandparents and carers who need (or don’t know they need) a guide to schools and education. Put your feet up, have a coffee and enjoy an easy read. Then get together with others and start the conversations.
— Maria Tsakalakis-Coate, Principal, Perth, Western Australia

A great resource for parents and leaders of education. I only wish I had access to this information when my children were at school.
—Wendy Marquenie, Mother and Author, Queensland, Australia

Cheryl believes it is parents’ business to know what happens to their children while they are at school.

In a conversational tone, she invites parents to value their role in their child’s school education and gives them an exclusive vantage point from which to view it. Reminiscent of a delightful childhood candy store, the book offers mothers and fathers nuggets of wisdom and sustainable guidance to support their child’s learning. Parents who believe in empowering other parents and want to join educators in fostering mutual trust and honesty must not only read this book but use it as a helpful resource.
— Dr. Deborah M. Vereen, Mother and Family Engagement Educator,

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