The Education of Dr Joe -- Joseph N. Santamaria

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Paperback, 85 pages

Remembering past experiences that left him with a lasting impression, and with more time available for musing, Joseph Santamaria - in an amusing way - describes episodes in his life that shaped his lifestyle and social development. Keen to pass onto his children their origin and culture, Santamaria's memories are vivid with considerable but truthful embellishments. In the 100th year since the arrival of the Santamaria family in Australia, this collection of stories tells us of the uniqueness and value of the Santamaria family, as well as the importance of the institution of the family and the traditions of Dr. Joe’s Italian heritage. 

“A past world where the rich Italian regional culture of early migrants combined with ordinary Australians in Sydney Road Melbourne.”
Christine Browning, Reviewer 

“...a collection of simple yet reflective and highly effective vignettes that offer a glimpse of life within the Santamaria household which highlights the role played by strong family ties in mediating the Italian immigrant experience.”
 Dario Nelli, Deputy Editor Il Globo, Melbourne 

"Dr Joe's book is a most enjoyable read about family life, Italian culture and most of all that other religion, Australian Rules Football."
Paul Gray, Herald Sun Columnist 

Joseph N. Santamaria, son of Italian migrants who arrived in Australia early in the twentieth century, graduated in 1948 in medicine. He specialised in haematology and oncology and later became the Director of Community Medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital. He retired from hospital practice at the end of 1988.

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