The Friedman Papers 2019

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The Friedman Papers 2019

Compiled by Nicola Wright

Paperback, 94 pages, $19.95

ISBN: 978-1-925826-51-7

Chapters Include:

Milton Friedman - a man of his time; a man for our times -- Sinclair Davidson

Can America be a successful low tax society? -- Grover Norquist

From markets to speech, libertarians straddle political divide -- Chris Berg

Identity politics in the Constitution? -- Amanda Stoker

Why tax competition matters -- Daniel J Mitchell

The invention of post-traumatic stress -- Tanveer Ahmed

Australians are the renewable crash test dummies -- Joanne Nova

The Friedman Papers is a selection of essays, book chapters and op-eds from a handpicked selection of our top ALS Friedman Conference speakers, and covers a diverse range of topics from basic libertarian principles to taxation, economics and psychology.

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