DARK AGES: The looming destruction of the Australian power grid -- Mark Lawson

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The looming destruction of the Australian power grid

Mark Lawson

Paperback, 120 pages, $22.95

ISBN 9781922815347

April 2023 release.

“Australian attempts to convert to renewables basically have no parallel. To make matters worse, not only do policy-makers want to shift to all renewables they want to throw away the fossil fuel back-up power sources.  This has not happened anywhere and is madness.”

In order to avoid a climate crisis, which never seems to arrive, activists and state governments are about to plunge us all into a very real power crisis. In ten years don't bother to try turning on the lights.

Mark Lawson, journalist and author

The whole emissions debate involves spending billions and imposing more billions in costs on the economy for no gain of any kind. Even if we assume that Australia’s emissions reduction effort is matched by other countries, which plainly isn’t happening, it is all but impossible to construct a cost-benefit analysis to justify the billions being spent. Yet almost all commentators seem to have lost sight of that basic point, in favour of cheering on all emissions reduction efforts irrespective of the costs. After all, their jobs remain secure.

A valuable addition to the short list of books that can be recommended to Australian voters.
This book should be in every library.
- Rafe Champion, Energy Realists of Australia

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