Migration: Multiculturalism and its Metaphors

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Pages: 100 pages

Theodore Dalrymple pulls no punches when it comes to political correctness and culture... and why should he? These selected essays will stir and educate us on cultural relativism... Take for example the following quotes from the book:

On Germaine Greer:

"...Gosh, the Aborigines were able to subdue Greer’s sense of self! There must be something to them after all..."

On academics:

"Humor, fearlessness, seriousness, and honesty: the qualities that are hated with an equal hatred by all the smelly little orthodoxies that are contending for tenure in the humanities departments of our universities."

On political apologies:

"...nothing is easier – or more gratifying – than to apologise for what your ancestors, enemies or political opponents have done or omitted to do. We get the kudos for having apologised, they get the blame for what we apologise for."

On bleeding heart warriors:

"Compassionate fellow-feeling, however, can soon become self-indulgent and lead to spiritual pride. It imparts an inner glow, like a shot of whiskey on a cold day, but like whisky it can prevent the clear-headedness which we need at least as much as we need warmth of heart."

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