DONALD TRUMP The Ultimate Contrarian -- Richard Alston

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The Ultimate Contrarian

Richard Alston

Paperback, 114 pages

ISBN: 9781922449832

Release Date: December 2021

Donald Trump’s term as president of United States ended in disgrace. Judged only on character he would rank very low, but the assessment of any Chief Executive must be based on performance. After a life time in business he understood economic and financial issues and the vital importance of national security, but above all he understood the needs and concerns of middle America.

Hillary Clinton scorned them as “deplorables”, but Trump knew that the working class were “the salt of the earth”, the engine room of the American economy and the source of millions of jobs, so he delivered for them big-time.

Richard Alston AO  former politician and former barrister. He served as a Senator for Victoria from 1986 to 2004, representing the Liberal Party.

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