Taming the Black Dog -- Kevin Donnelly

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Taming the Black Dog

Kevin Donnelly

ISBN 9781925138054
Paperback, 90 pages

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Life was never meant to be easy, as a famous politician once said, and tragedy and loss can strike at any time. Losing a loved one unexpectedly and without reason, facing family hardship or a crisis at work are events that can touch anyone of us. But, there are ways to be resilient and to overcome adversity and pain and to lesson the impact of depression. In Taming the Black Dog, Kevin Donnelly writes how literature, religious faith and the love and comfort of family and friends can help one to find a safe shore after the storms and the rough seas. While there is no closure - there is hope and a chance to live life to the full. 

Dr Kevin Donnelly, author of Australia's Education Revolution and Educating your Child, is one of Australia's leading education authors and commentators. He taught for 18 years in government and non-government schools.

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