II Globo : fifty years of an Italian newspaper in Australia -- Editors, Bruno Mascitelli and Simone Battiston

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188 pages

In 2009 Australia’s leading Italian-language newspaper II Globo marks 50 years of publication. II Globo began in Melbourne as a weekly broadsheet on 4 November 1959 under the leadership of Tarcisio Valmorbida and Ubaldo Larobina. At the time, few expected the paper to have the longevity it has so far achieved. II Globo has been at the forefront of the heights and the challenges of Italian post-war migration to Australia, often through Nino Randazzo’s editorial commentary. More than a newspaper, II Globo has been viewed as a leading community institution making its presence felt on Italian related issues.

‘… This fascinating and varied study traces [II Globo’s] progress and especially the role played in it by Nino Randazzo. … This is a really important and interesting study. Hardly anyone has looked at the non-English press in the past or at the ways in which Australian
political alignments arise in immigrant situations.’

- Prof. James Jupp AM, Director of the Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies at the Australian National University (Foreword)

Contributors include: 
Bruno Mascitelli
Brent Edwards
Simone Battiston
Carlo Carli
Caterina Cafarella
Robert Pascoe
Gaetano Rando

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