Young Men Rise Up

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Young Men Rise Up

Fr Ken Barker 

Paperback, 176 pages.

Fr. Ken Barker believes in young men. He speaks into a culture in which many young men have become lost and confused in their identity. He points them towards Christ as the one who will answer their deepest questions and bring fulfillment to the profound longings of the human heart. He challenges young men, both single and married, to stand up and be counted. He is confident that through the quality of their lives and their courageous witness, young men can have a major impact for good on the Church and its mission in the contemporary world.

This book pulls no punches. It calls young men to be rooted in faith, to hold firm in the truth, and to keep growing in moral character.

It contains inspiring teaching on the virtues in a way that is relevant for today

This teaching is supported by compelling testimonies of young men, single and married, who share their personal struggle to attain virtue.

The stories of saints, true witnesses of heroic virtue, are also used as attractive role models.

This book is not only to be read by young men, but also by parents, teachers, mentors and guides of the young. Its insights into the life of virtue will be helpful to all.

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