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    Wholesome grand kids reading pack (5 books)

    Wholesome grand kids reading pack (5 books)

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    The wholesome Grand kids reading pack. 

    The perfect gift of books for the grandchildren this Christmas.

    Get your grandchild reading some great and positive children's books this summer. 

    Five Books for $50 plus $4 postage  (Normal recommended retail price - $104.95)

    Limited stock for Christmas:

    Hot Cha-Cha  - Josephine Nobisso

    Hardback, 32 pages 

    Where to play? It's the dilemma of every urban child and the question at the heart of this rollicking multicultural, multigenerational story told in the irresistible cadence and rhyme of street chants.Readers will cheer for the triumphant characters who claim not only an urban playground, but a common ground as well.

    Mr Waffles and Plum Pudding - Jacinta Livingstone

    Paperback, 32 pages

    Mr Waffles and Plum Pudding are on the alert for hot dogs up beside the ice skating rink. Mr Waffles loves snowboarding, especially on the backs of his friends, who make such soft, comfortable snowboards. Is this why clever little Plum Pudding stays in front of the fire? From hiding up the drainpipe to climbing out of the chimney to play catball, these unforgettable felines leap from one adventure to another on their short white, legs. But is there really a cat burglar? Who is watching them warily with a pair of bright green eyes? Will the newcomer be a friend or foe?

    Grandpa Loved - Josephine Nobisso

    Paperback, 32 pages

    This is a recollection of the special times a young boy spent with his grandfather in the city, in the forest with the animals, at the beach, and with his family. Although the boy misses his beloved grandpa’s presence he feels assured that his passing has brought him to a better place and he knows that his grandpa’s love will always be with him.

    The Numbers Dance - Josephine Nobisso

    Paperback, 32 pages

    Twirling and whirling, zigging and zagging, numerals dance across the pages, enticing children to play with numbers and develop a better understanding of numeric values in this fun and informative comic approach. Three groups of numerals make mightily concerted attempts to maintain the quirks of their distinct personalities in the face of persistent peer pressure. The irascible 1, 2, 3, and 4, though frail and wiry, would like to impose their ballroom dance style on the robust 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. 5 and 6 cannot help reverting to raucous jazz dancing, no matter how hard they sportingly try to conform, and 7&;10 don't see the point of being anything but what they truly are ;western line dancers. Scuffles, rumbles, roundups, and coercions ensue until 1&;4 have their way and 5&;10 "go back to dancing like they want to, again!" The book's rousing, impeccably metered rhymes provide the cadence of each dance style, and the spare accompanying art lends a clean energy to the numerals' challenge to accept each other as they are.

    In English of Course - Dasha Ziborova

    Paperback, 32 pages

    Set in the Bronx during the 1950s, when postwar immigrant children were placed in their first American classrooms, this delightful story tells of the riotous linguistic misunderstandings of Josephine’s first day of school. The daughter of savvy Italian engineers, Josephine has lived in the city long enough to have learned a few words in English, but is overcome when her teacher makes her stand up in front of the class and tell about her life in Italy—in English, of course. The result is a charming tale of adventures and multicultural miscommunications as Josephine attempts to make herself understood. Children will come to understand that sometimes people underestimate the talent and dignity of newcomers to the United States and will embark on a poignant journey as Josephine tells her incredible story the best way she knows how and attempts to understand her English-speaking teacher and classmates.

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