WHY AUSTRALIA SLEPT: Why Australia is in danger of sleepwalking into the future -- Peter Hendy

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Why Australia is in danger of sleepwalking into the future

Peter Hendy

Paperback, 340 pages, $29.95

ISBN 9781925501940

Australia is in danger of sleepwalking into the future.  For decades Australia “slept” through a period of high tariff protection and heavily regulated industries. As a result, by the 1970s it’s relative living standards were in decline. The situation was saved by significant reforms instituted from the 1980s through to the early 2000s. Since the late-2000s the country has been resting on its laurels with only minimal reform. There are danger signals everywhere, from the domestic economy to our international relations and the rise of China. This book is a wake-up call for Australia’s policymakers.

“We are all too often told that capitalism is failing and that more government intervention is the remedy. Peter Hendy provides a welcome counter-argument and calls for more productivity-enhancing economic reform.”   -- Tom Switzer Executive Director, Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney

“This is a very valuable and timely contribution to the public policy debate”.  -- The Hon Peter Reith, former Minister for Defence

“Peter Hendy has an unparalleled insight into the big reform debates that have shaped this country  - because since the 1980s he’s been a central figure in them. Hendy’s analysis is brilliant and penetrating and his policy prescriptions are spot on.” -- John Roskam, Executive Director, Institute of Public Affairs, Melbourne

Peter Hendy is a leading public policy analyst. He was formerly a minister in the Turnbull Government and has had a distinguished career, including being a former CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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