Twilight of the Dawn -- Peter W Warner

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Twilight of the Dawn

Peter W Warner

Paperback, 128 pages


ISBN 9781922449207

"Many deep-sea sailors will relish the first two volumes of Peter Warner's autobiography." -- Geoffrey Blainey

Now for the third volume!

Read, enjoy and learn from an old salt. Enrich your life in this century where we are drowning in information but starving for wisdom. Age and wisdom sail together in this book. Following lessons learned during an unpredictable and wild ride of life’s adventures, the author returns to Australia in his 60s to start retirement but fails. More and deeper activities unravel as he becomes older and wiser. The concept of life’s purpose starts to make more sense. Read and figure it out for yourself before you approach your own “Twilight of the Dawn”.

In this third book of his three-part autobiography, philosophical subjects arise imbedded in practical achievements. Starting with building a mud-brick house, to later involvement in developing nut orchards and finally dropping anchor amongst the “Sea of Trees” in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.  Although projecting a Baha’i outlook on life, this book is an entertaining and deep read for everyone, whether spiritual or just pragmatic.

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