Turn, Think, Tell -- Author Wendy Francis, Illustrator Joy Weatherall

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32 pages

“It has never been harder for parents to protect their childrens’ innocence than it is in the digital age.  Faced with adult concepts and confronting images in public places, online or at times where parents cannot always be present, we need to arm our children with the skills they need to cope.  Wendy Francis has prepared a much-needed and age-appropriate resource to help parents educate their children to withstand the challenges of the digital age.” 
Senator Amanda Stoker

"Once again, Wendy Francis has addressed a challenging issue with gentleness and sensitivity. This book will be immensely useful to parents and grandparents helping their children navigate a culture that is, increasingly, destructive of innocence. The beautiful illustrations are a reminder that the world is good; at the same time it teaches children a simple strategy for protecting their minds from those things in the world that are not. It is sad that children need this information but, since they do, this book answers the need with tact and wisdom. As the overflow of Wendy’s great love for children and her tireless work to protect them it will be an essential part of every modern parent’s toolkit."
Dr Elisabeth Taylor
Senior Fellow, Lachlan Macquarie Institute

"In a day and age when commonsense is no longer so common, this book is a bold beautiful reminder not to forget the ABC’s and T’s when it comes to protecting and promoting resilient young minds." 
Robi Sonderegger, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

"‘Turn, Think, Tell’ is a vital and necessary resource to read with your child, to help them resist toxic messages and grow and flourish in a healthy way and seek relationships built on genuine intimacy and authentic human connection." 
Melinda Tankard Reist

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