Trish Burgess

TRISH BURGESS worked as a University Administrator at UNSW Canberra and in the wine industry for many years. She was one of the first wine growers in the Canberra region and the first to open a cellar door. She has written on travel and wine for newspapers and journals and co-authored Riesling in Australia (with Ken Helm). She has also taken an active interest in researching and writing about Antarctic history. Her grandfather was Manager of Williamstown Dockyard in Melbourne from1928 to 1938. Royal Australian Navy Hydrographers used offices in the Manager’s house when surveying Hobsons Bay. They included Karl Oom, later commanding officer of HMAS Wyatt Earp, who was also a family friend. Discovery II spent time in Williamstown Dockyard before and after the rescue of Lincoln Ellsworth in the Ross Sea. Trish’s husband, a scientist, spent 11 summers in 16 years in the Larsemann Hills, near Davis Station, in the Antarctic. Following his retirement, Trish has made four small ship expeditions to the Antarctic: two from Ushuaia to the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia, and two to the Ross Sea. She currently works as a volunteer researcher, editor and proof-reader in UNSW Canberra’s Howard Library located at Old Parliament House.
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