The Super Spreader -- Illustrated by Marc Hendrickx

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The Super Spreader

A kid's book that I wouldn't read to my kid!

Written by Maria Giordano
Illustrated by Marc Hendrickx

Paperback, 32 pages, $19.95

ISBN 9781922449290

Australia we have a new hero, The Super Spreader.  Born and bred in Victoria. 

He can be anywhere and yet no one can find him.  

Meatworks, Churches, hotels & even golf courses, the Super Spreader is found and he is not even wearing a mask! Inspired by health bureaucrats, the Super Spreader is someone, other than Trump, we can all dislike. 

Marc Hendrickx did not survive the “Great” Pandemic of 2020 with his sanity intact. With over 20 years in risk management, providing advice with careful consideration of cost and benefit, the absence of any perspective, proportion, common sense or evidence of rationality in Government’s responding to the China virus drove him around the bend. He is currently recuperating as a guest on Wonder Woman’s island. Marc’s other works include: “A Guide to Climbing Ayers Rock”, “Prince of Precaution” and “We’re not scared anymore Mr Gore”. 

Maria Giordano is a middle-class, Range Rover driving introvert who celebrated the Victorian lockdowns and is wondering why we need more than an hour for exercise? She is currently reading and practicing Quakerism.

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