The Poinciana Tree: The story of an Australian woman’s life and struggle in the times before, during and after World War II -- Antony Jeffrey

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The Poinciana Tree

The story of an Australian woman’s life and struggle in the times before, during and after World War II

Antony Jeffrey

Paperback, 280 pages, $29.95

ISBN: 9781922449962

Release Date: February 2022

The Poinciana Tree is a novel about a woman and her family whose lives  spread  across  the  vast  continent  of  Australia.  On  one  hand  it is  a  story  of  hardship,  emotional  deprivation  and  coping  with  the desperation  of  the  Depression  and  war,  but  on  another  level  it  is  a classic example of bravery, resilience, the joys and sorrows of family and the unswerving  commitment of love and support to others.

The story is based on the real experiences of the author’s own family. His mother Aimée Francis was born in 1908 in the remote goldfields of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, but after her own mother’s early death she moved to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and ultimately to Queensland.

Our  history  is  full  of  the  bravery  and  resourcefulness  of  people  like Aimée and those  she loved, but rarely are they noticed. This book is a tribute to her and the thousands like her.

From the Readers
Antony Jeffrey's book The Poinciana Tree recreates his mother’s life and that of her family. We see through Aimée that there is no ordinary life as each person's life is precious and unique. We learn how Aimée lived, loved and coped with major challenges while leading her boys through to adulthood.  A noble story well worth a read. -- Carol L. Barbeito, Ph.D., Author, Consultant & Educator (Denver USA)

It  was  fascinating  to  read  Antony  Jeffrey’s  book  The  Poinciana  Tree,  and  to understand his strong appreciation of his mother, so beautifully named Aimee. -- Joan Carden, A.O., O.B.E., a.k.a. The People’s Diva

About the Author
Antony Jeffrey has followed a career in arts management for many years. He was the first Director of the Australia Council’s Music Board and first CEO of the Australian Chamber Orchestra.
He has worked as manager or consultant to a great many arts organisations including five years as Commercial Manager of The Australian Opera. He has recorded more than a hundred interviews with artists and other creative people many of which resulted in his book Many Faces of Inspiration (2011). In 2008, he was awarded an AM for his services to the arts.
In recent years he has shared his time between creative writing together with arranging and leading music tours overseas. His book on leading pianist and conductor Roland Peelman (in association with photographer Anthony Browell) was published in 2021, by Connor Court. The Poinciana Tree is his first novel.

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