The Old School: A Portrait of Caulfield Grammar School in 50 Lives -- David Thomson

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The Old School
A Portrait of Caulfield Grammar School in 50 Lives

David Thomson

Paperback, 240 pages, $29.95

ISBN: 9781925826708

Released in November 2019

This is a book about the “vicissitudes of life”, a phrase I heard twice in one day, first said by my friend  Jeffery Barnes over coffee at La Trobe University and, second, by one of the cast of Cosi, the Year 10 play which I saw the same evening at Caulfield Grammar School.
The characters about whom I have written are a varied lot. Some are well known and made substantial contributions to our country. Others may not have been so successful. Some lived long lives; some died when they were young.

DAVID THOMSON was educated at Caulfield Grammar School and at Monash and Cambridge Universities. After a compulsory stint of National Service in the RAAF, he became a teacher, eventually returning to Caulfield where he taught English and Legal Studies for 37 years. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2017 for service to education in Victoria.

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