The Market’s Morals: Responding to Jesse Norman -- Edited Damien Freeman

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ISBN: 9781925826760
The Market’s Morals
Responding to Jesse Norman
Edited by Damien Freeman

Hardback, 192 pages

ISBN: 9781925826760

“The purpose of politics is not to satisfy the felt needs of any individual or generation; it is to preserve and enhance the social order in the public interest. It is therefore rooted in a sense of history.”

“Leadership begins in respect for the social order, and so in modesty. It pushes leaders towards a close study of their people, all the people, and their institutions.”

“The ‘we’ of politics [is located] at the level of the nation as a whole. And it insists on the common good. And the importance of public service and public duty.”
– Jesse Norman

Foreword -- Anthony Fisher
Introduction -- Damien Freeman
Second PM Glynn Lecture on Religion, Law and Public Life
The moral basis of a commercial society -- Jesse Norman

Responding to Jesse Norman
1. A politics of everyday reality -- Marc Stears
2. Burke vs Smith on natural law, social order and sympathy -- Adrian Pabst
3. Burke and Australian Britishness -- Gregory Melleuish
4. Burke and Australian Labor -- Michael Easson
5. Markets, morals and Australian Labor governments -- Amanda Walsh
6. The limits of natural utility -- Leanne Smith
7. Constraints on market exchange -- Cris Abbu
8. In praise of partnership -- David Corbett
9. Of bossiness and leadership -- Parnell Palme McGuinness
10. Moral renewal amidst political chaos -- Tom Switzer
11. Questions for the academy in Australia -- Tania Aspland
12. Commercial society and the Jacobins -- M. A. Casey

Jesse Norman is the Member for Hereford and South Herefordshire in the House of Commons and Financial 
Secretary to Her Majesty’s Treasury.

Damien Freeman is the editor of the Kapunda Press and policy adviser at the PM Glynn Institute, Australian Catholic University.

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