The Little Flower Books – Set 1: Maria Brice (author) & Louise Randell (illustrator)

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The Little Flower Books – Set 1

Maria Brice (author) &
Louise Randell (illustrator)

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The Little Flower Books are a set of Emergent Readers specifically designed to link Early Childhood Religious Education and Literacy Programs in Catholic Schools.

These books have been designed and published by fellow teachers, Maria Brice and Louise Randell, in the Rockhampton Diocese of Queensland. The Little Flower Books have been endorsed and authenticated by the Bishop of Rockhampton, Fr Brian Heenan.

The response from Educators since the Little Flower Books’ release last year has been overwhelmingly positive. The Little Flower Books are now enriching the minds and spirits of thousands of children learning to read in Catholic Schools across Australia.

The Little Flower Books are a unique religious education reading resource for children at the Early Childhood Level. These bright and captivating readers were inspired by the theology of Little Flower Herself, St Therese of Lisieux. They reflect the simple yet profound connectedness that small children have to their creator.

As colleagues teaching in Catholic Schools, We, Maria Brice (author) and Louise Randell (illustrator) have created the Little Flower Books to address the absence of appropriate Religious Literature for Children at the Early Childhood Level. These books uniquely develop faith and connectedness in the relationships between school, home and church in accordance with the ethos of all Australian Catholic Schools.

Little Flower Books are designed to complement your existing reading program.

As home readers, used in conjunction with the fantastic support materials available FREE here on our website, the Little Flower Books complete the integration of your Early Childhood Religious Education and Reading Programs.

Titles in Set 1:
1. Great Things 
2. Happy 
3. The Flowers 
4. Palm Sunday 
5. Colours 
6. Beautiful 
7. Christmas 
8. The Storm 
9. The Bible 
10. Good Friday

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