The Italian expatriate vote in Australia Democratic right, democratic wrong, or political opportunism? -- Bruno Mascitelli and Simone Battiston

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In the 2006 elections, the Italian expatriate vote helped provide the centre-left coalition led by Romano Prodi a slender but winning majority. Italian expatriates in Australia voted by post and for the first time elected their two representatives in the Italian Parliament. This book explores and analyses the divergent views of the Italian expatriate vote, which for some is a ‘democratic right’, for others a ‘democratic wrong’, and others again ‘political opportunism’. This study is based on fresh data and literature, opinions and comments gathered from eligible voters as well as players and practitioners in the field of migrant politics.

"... Mascitelli and Battiston’s book is a welcome and timed contribution that is casting light on many aspects of the political behaviour and aspirations of Italians in Australia and on the future of this experiment in transnational political participation. As such, it is a pioneering [and] ground-breaking piece of research"
- Dr. Gianfranco Cresciani (June 2008)

Bruno Mascitelli is senior lecturer in Italian and European Studies at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. His research areas include twentieth century Italian and European history, political economy, and the issue of the Italian expatriate vote.

Simone Battiston is Cassamarca lecturer in Italian and Head of the Italian Studies Program at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. His research interests include the migrant political and socio-economic contribution to post-war Australia, the history of the Italian-Australian community and the Italian expatriate vote.

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