The Friedman Papers - Jeffrey Tucker

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The Friedman Papers 

Jeffrey Tucker

Paperback, 84 pages, $19.95

ISBN 978-1925-501-728

This exclusive ALS Friedman Conference volume is a collection of Jeffrey Tucker’s writings that have been selected in order to showcase his views on a wide range of issues. In reading these pieces you will be treated to Tucker’s unique insights and libertarian outlook that will leave you with a fresh new perspective. Tucker isn’t afraid to talk about any topic and this volume includes pieces on cryptocurrency, sexual harassment, cultural appropriation, net neutrality, the welfare state and more. Tucker’s style is friendly and conversational, and he writes always with libertarian principles firmly in the spotlight. Enjoy this first of many Friedman papers, published each year in time for the next ALS Friedman Conference.

Jeffrey Tucker, Editorial Director American Institute for Economic Research

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