The Forgotten People - R.G. Menzies

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The Forgotten People

Rt Hon R G Menzies

75th Anniversary Edition

First Published in 1943

Limited Copies Printed

Jeparit Press: An imprint of Connor Court Publishing in association with the Menzies Research Centre 

Paperback, 206 pages

ISBN: 9781925501445

Retail Price: $29.95

From the original blurb of 1943:

All who listened, in 1942, to the broadcast talks of our former Prime Minister, the Rt Hon. R. G. Menzies, will welcome this collection of them in printed form.

From the standpoint of a true patriot and in the spirit of man to man, Mr Menzies examines, in The Forgotten People, many of the problems arising from our present state of war. With moving frankness and sincerity he stresses both the rights and the duties of the people and of Parliament. He states clearly what our position is, what our aims are, and the part that every citizen must play if the war is to be won. He looks toward the future, the post-war world, and shows how we must work and plan today to combat the dangers that will inevitably beset to-morrow. He examines the meaning and achievements of democracy; he analyses the implications of President Roosevelt’s four freedoms; and he upholds the dignity and the rights of the “forgotten people”—the middle classes, the “backbone of this country”.

This valuable series of talks clarifies our problems and their solution and, while not attempting to lessen the gravity of our present position, glows with confidence that the democratic principle shall prevail.

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