The Deplorables Library - Ten Books

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The Deplorables Library

Ten Amazing Books 

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Collection Includes:

Which Islam, Whose Islam? And Other Essays
Zuhdi Jasser
Paperback, 110 pages, $24.95 rrp

Beyond Satire
Julia Caesar and Kevin Sutra
Rowan Dean
Paperback, 278 pages, $29.95

What If
Peta Seaton
Paperback, 284 pages, $29.95

Affirming Love, Avoiding Aids: What Africa Can Teach the West
Matthew Hanley and Jokin de Irala
Paperback, 200 pages, $24.95

The Conservative Revolution
Cory Bernardi
Paperback, 166 pages, $29.95

Democracy in Decline: steps in the wrong direction
James Allen
Paperback, 182 pages, $29.95

Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis
Richard Morgan
Paperback, 110 pages, $24.95

Fragile Nation: Vulnerability, Resilience and Victimhood
Tanveer Ahmed
Paperback, 212 pages, $24.95

Politics and Universal Ethics
Shimon Cowan
Paperback, 120 pages, $19.95

The Tyranny of Tolerance
Peter Kurti
Paperback,  180 pages, $29.95

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