The Case for Christianity: St Justin Martyr's Arguments for Religious Liberty and Judicial Justice -- Robert Haddad

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The Case for Christianity - Robert Haddad

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ISBN: 9781921421235

Robert M. Haddad's The Case for Christianity reminds us of the value of rhetoric and sociological analysis in the face of persecution. This analysis of St Justin's approach in appealing to the Romans functions as both a fascinating historical exploration of what Haddad argues is the work of the founder of effective apologetics, and as a "sourcebook for study" for Christians who must defend their faith-just as St Justin's work itself in the second century AD. As Haddad states in the preface, "St Justin's arguments are, therefore, of a nature that can be appreciated by many a modern reader and should be of interest and relevance to Christians deprived of religious liberty today. St Justin's struggle also reminds us that we in the West who enjoy religious freedom should never take it for granted."

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