The Australian Century

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The Australian Century 

Asher Judah

ISBN: 9781925138290
Paperback, 290 pages

Price: $29.95

In a no nonsense fashion, Asher Judah abruptly calls time on the Asian Century mindset by placing Australia’s long term future front and centre. By declaring that Australia has begun the most important century of its existence, Judah outlines why and how Australia can change to become a more powerful global player. He illustrates a future in which Australia grows stronger amidst mounting international instability, and shows how the rise of the global middle class will drive the nation’s socioeconomic evolution. Sparing few sacred cows, Judah challenges the inevitability of Chinese and Indian economic domination, identifies the unassailable rise of the “peripheridy” nations and rewrites the manual on conceptualising Australia’s strengths and weaknesses. Casting a fresh eye over Australia’s urban and economic development history, Judah also exposes the reality of its development model – one which more closely resembles an expanding archipelago. THE AUSTRALIAN CENTURY does what should have been done years ago – tells a story all about us.

“Asher Judah has had a longstanding interest in good public policy. While I don’t agree with all the ideas expressed in this book, it is a worthy contribution to the debate around Australia’s future and our place in the world.” 
– The Hon. John Brumby, Premier of Victoria (2007-2010)

“This book points the way for future growth and prosperity through an impressive range of thought provoking policy ideas. I commend it to thinkers and policy makers alike.”
– The Hon. Phillip A. Gude, Deputy Leader of the Victorian Liberal Party (1991-1999)

Asher Judah holds commerce and arts degrees from Deakin University and has worked with, advised and represented some of Australia’s top industry leaders and government ministers across the property, construction, manufacturing and farm business sectors.

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