The Austrade Story: Export and Investment Facilitation Under the Microscope -- Edited by Bruno Mascitelli

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With a Foreword by Hon Andrew Robb

525 pages

Chapters include:

Setting the scene for the Austrade story – Bruno Mascitelli

The Australian trade and investment big picture over the past decades – Phil Ruthven

The Australian Trade Commissioner Service – the impact of its ethos on its operation and its reputation – Richard Fletcher

The Ministerial architect of Austrade: Extracts of an interview with John Dawkins

Getting the Show on the Road: the MacAlister years 1986-90 – Geoff Spears and Bruno Mascitelli 

Austrade before and after the collapse of the USSR – Ian Wing

The McKinsey Review of Austrade, 1990 – Terry Goss

My years as Managing Director of Austrade: Interview with Ralph Evans

Some reflections on the Charles Jamieson years: Interview with Peter Langhorne

Leading from the front: Interview with Tim Fischer

“Doubling the number of exporters” – Greg Joffe

Austrade: Winning investment for Australia since 1987 – Peter Collens

Austrade’s “Special markets” – A perspective from Russia – Roger James

Austrade and the media – Interview with Tim Harcourt

Women in Austrade – Elizabeth Masamune and Pat Evans

A view from an Austrade local employed manager in Prague, Czech Republic – Petr Vodvarka

“Crossing the rainbow” – My decade long experiences as an OEE with Austrade China – Lucy Luo

Performance Management in Austrade – Greg Dodds

The architecture of trade promotion – Bruce Nicholls

The future role of Austrade in a globalised trade market – Peter Wilton

Austrade today and tomorrow: Interview with Bruce Gosper

Austrade’s greatest asset: Our people shine through – Laurie Smith

Austrade seen from the outside: views from within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Mike Adams and Nicolas Brown

 Quo vadit Austrade? – Bruno Mascitelli

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