TREASURES NEW AND OLD: Three Centuries of Anglican Thought and Spirituality -- Anthony Miller

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Three Centuries of Anglican Thought and Spirituality

Anthony Miller

Paperback, 188 pages, $34.95

Published April 2022

ISBN 9781922449993

The essays comprising Treasures New & Old commence with studies of major foundations of Anglicanism, the Book of Common Prayer and the King James Bible. They then address its consolidation in the 17th and 18th centuries and conclude with appraisal of the thinking and theology of the Oxford Movement. They include informative accounts of the contributions of, among others, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, Richard Hooker, George Herbert, John Keble, Dr Pusey and John Henry Newman.

This book combines history, biography, liturgy, theology and spirituality.

Anthony Miller is a noted scholar of English in the Renaissance period. His books include studies of several plays of Shakespeare. He has been a Warden at Christ Church St Laurence, Sydney, for a decade.


Foreword Rev Professor Brian Douglas
Introduction: The Anglican Contribution
1 The Book of Common Prayer
2 The King James Bible
3 John Jewel
4 Richard Hooker
5 George Herbert
6 Jeremy Taylor
7 William Law
8 John Keble
9 Tracts for the Times: Theology of the Church
10 Tracts for the Times: The Catholic Nature of the Anglican church
11 Tracts for the Times: Spiritual Life, or the Doctrines in Practice
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