THE LUCKY COUNTRY: Reflections and Reminiscences of a Long-Term Immigrant -- Christo Moskovsky

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Reflections and Reminiscences of a Long-Term Immigrant
Christo Moskovsky

Paperback, 184 pages


ISBN 9781922449955

February 2022 Release

What does Australia look like to a complete newcomer? What are Australia’s people like – nice or naughty, friendly or hostile, generous or stingy? What are Australia’s social and cultural norms, and what are her politics? Almost three decades ago Christo Moskovsky was this complete newcomer and since then he has been trying to answer questions like these. This book contains Christo's impressions, observations and insights generated over the course of his Australian journey, as well as a broader commentary on social, cultural and political aspects of life in Australia. It is specifically Christo’s pre-Australian life experience which affords him a unique vantage point and a greater capacity to appreciate the true greatness of Australia. This book is a portrait of Australia painted by a first-generation immigrant offering a perspective that we do not commonly see in Australia’s public discourse.

Christo Moskovsky was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital. In 1993, when Christo was in his mid-30s, he and his family moved to Australia and started a new life here. Christo has recently retired from the University of Newcastle after a 25-year tenure as a linguistics lecturer. He’s been a keen observer of Australian politics and public affairs.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Has Australia Lost Its Way?
1 Life before Australia
2 Australia: Early Days (and Beyond)
Interlude 1: On Nationhood, Ethnicity, Race(ism), (White) Privilege...
3 The Quiet Australians
Interlude 2: On Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Liberal democracy...
4 The Loud Australians
5 The Indigenous Australians
Interlude 3: On Freedom
6 The Media
Epilogue: Is This the End of the Fairy Tale?

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