TEN REMARKABLE AUSTRALIANS who left their mark on the world – but were forgotten -- Ian Macfarlane

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TEN REMARKABLE AUSTRALIANS who left their mark on the world – but were forgotten

Ian Macfarlane

Foreword by Geoffrey Blainey

Hardback with dust jacket, $49.95

September Release

ISBN: 9781925826524

 “An outstanding achievement: the forgotten heroes of Australia’s great era of adventure and creativity brought to life”. -- Lindsay Tanner

“Ian Macfarlane has brought to life ten remarkably different, highly influential, and above all else, talented Australians. Most importantly, the book is so easy to read…because each character is so refreshingly different.” -- John Howard

 “I love the prose! Well written, entertaining, insightful, evocative.” -- Peter FitzSimons

“This is a journey into Australia’s forgotten past, a series of compelling portraits of astonishing figures whose lives deserve  to be recalled and celebrated.” --Paul Kelly

A collection of short biographies of ten remarkable Australians who deserved to be better known. In fact, most were well known, even famous at one stage in twentieth-century history, but have since been largely forgotten. Ian Macfarlane seeks to learn more about these people and their achievements, giving the modern reader an opportunity to discover them too.

1 Harry George Hawker: Aviator and Aeroplane Designer
2 George Finch: Mountaineer and Scientist
3 George Ernest Morrison: Adventurer, Doctor, Journalist and Political Adviser
4 George Hubert Wilkins: War Photographer and Explorer
5 Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson: Novelist and Musician
6 Lyndhurst Falkiner Giblin: Prospector, Sportsman, Politician, Soldier and Scholar
7 John Peter Russell: Artist and Engineer
8 George Gilbert Aime Murray: Scholar and worker for Peace
9 Reginald Leslie Baker: Sportsman and Showman
10 Frederick Septimus Kelly: Concert Pianist, Composer and Oarsman

Ian John Macfarlane, AC, Australian economist, and Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Australia's central bank, from 1996 to 17 September 2006.

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