Story of Our Country: Labor’s vision for Australia -- Adrian Pabst

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Story of Our Country: Labor’s vision for Australia 

Adrian Pabst

Paperback, 220 pages

ISBN 9781925826593

September 2019 Release

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 “A timely reminder of the diversity of the Labor tradition to help us consider and counter the challenges ahead”

“As Labor’s primary vote in national elections drifts inexorably downwards, a fundamental debate about the party’s purpose and beliefs is long overdue. Story of Our Country is a great place for that debate to commence.  It is very refreshing that the debate about Labor’s future will reflect Adrian Pabst’s incisive, thoughtful, and well-researched argument about Labor’s purpose and soul.  It is particularly worthwhile that Pabst uses the lens of religious belief for the broad purpose of questioning the state of modern Labor’s belief system, not to pursue a narrow religious agenda. In light of Chris Bowen’s post-election observation that Labor had alienated many people of belief, it is a very timely perspective.  Pabst concludes his analysis with some valuable insights that suggest a way forward, including a strong emphasis on the concept of vocation and a salient warning against the threat of ‘meritocratic extremism’.” -- LINDSAY TANNER

“A timely reminder of a period when the Australian Labor Party was proud of, and benefited from, its Judeo-Christian heritage and respect for faith-based conservative traditions. And a guide to how Labor might revitalise itself after the 2019 election defeat.”

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