Soul of the West: Christianity and the Great Tradition

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Soul of the West
David Daintree

Paperback, 90 page, $22.95

ISBN: 9781925138818

Publication Date: October 2015

The traditional culture and civilisation of the West has never before been in such grave danger of being overwhelmed and cast aside. Equally imperilled is the Christian faith that has been its creative principle, its very soul. By a sad irony the greatest threat to the western tradition is in its heartland: wearied of our past we seek solace in meaninglessness. This book is a modest attempt to encourage those who are determined not only to resist the winds of change but to go on the offensive against them. It is an apologia for the Great Tradition.

David Daintree is the Director of the Hobart-based Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies. He was formerly President of Campion College Australia, in Sydney.

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