Sir Robert Askin -- Paul Loughnan

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Sir Robert Askin

Paul Loughnan

Australian Biographical Monographs No. 9

Paperback, 100 pages, $19.95

ISBN: 9781922449368

Release Date: December 2020

Sir Robert Askin, Liberal Premier of New South Wales from 1965 to 1975, was the longest serving and most successful Liberal Premier winning four elections in a row and who retired at a time of his own choosing. He came from a modest but happy family background, won a state bursary to secondary college, enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force and served in New Guinea. He was a natural for politics – he liked people, fellowship, was a good judge of character, and given his background, understood the real needs of the general public. Unfortunately, Askin’s reputation has been overshadowed by long standing allegations of corruption. 
    This monograph by Dr Paul Loughnan based on his extensive research for his doctorate on Askin, sets the record straight. Paul’s youth was bookended by Askin’s 1965-75 premiership which ignited his interest in Sir Robert and his government. This monograph informs us about Askin’s character and achievements, but more importantly, demolishes once and for all the myths concerning his alleged corruption. They are just not true. So, this monograph allows us to see Askin for the first time for what he really was – a great leader, an astute pragmatic politician who steered his party to successes which have not been matched since.

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