SCHOOL SUCKS: A Report on the State of Education in the Politically Correct Era -- MARK LOPEZ, PhD

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SCHOOL SUCKS: A Report on the State of Education in the Politically Correct Era

Paperback, 404 pages
ISBN 9781922449191
Spring 2020 Release

Are you one of the millions who know there is something terribly wrong with the politically correct era we are in now?

In this restrictive and too often cruel unjust world with its ideologically-driven censorship and merciless ‘cancel culture’, its increasing dystopian dysfunctionality, its threats to our democratic freedoms and its hostility towards so much of what made Western civilisation so dynamic, innovative, prosperous, tolerant, inclusive and successful, here is an account of a key dimension of this calamity, what went wrong in our high schools.

Importantly, the sections of this book clearly explaining political correctness and postmodernism go beyond understanding education to help you to understand these terms and make sense of the world we live in.

In regards to education, what is really going on in curricula and classrooms is revealed and explained.

Every student, parent and grandparent needs to know this.

As a private tutor since 1990, Dr Mark Lopez has been able to observe and reveal what the education bureaucrats don’t want you to know but you need to know.

The flawed but dominant progressive educational methodologies are explained and their negative impact is powerfully illustrated with the experiences of real students.

Written in the spirit of the Enlightenment, in a clear, insightful and engaging style, at times you may find yourself laughing or crying as you discover that all your suspicions are confirmed.

This devastating critique of the education system reveals it as characterised by irrationality, timewasting, and a stifling political correctness. The costs and ramifications of this are extensive.

This led to Dr Lopez’s inevitable conclusion regarding the state of education in the politically correct era: ‘School sucks’.

Dr Mark Lopez gained his PhD at Monash University in 1997. He is the author of: The Origins of Multiculturalism in Australian Politics: 1945-1975, MUP, 2000; The Little Black School Book: Volume 1, Essays, Connor Court, 2008; and The Little Black School Book: Volume 2, Exams, Connor Court, 2009. He currently runs a private tutoring business called Competitive Advantage.

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