Ryan Messmore

Dr Ryan Messmore is the founding Executive Director of the Millis Institute. Originally from the States, Messmore brings to the Institute his personal love for and experience in liberal arts education; he received a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University, master's degrees from Duke Divinity School and Cambridge University, and a doctorate in political theology from Oxford University.

Before moving to Brisbane, Messmore served as President of Campion College, a liberal arts college in Sydney. He has also served as a research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, the largest research and education institution (a.k.a. “think tank”) in Washington, DC. His research and writing examined how religious commitments are brought to bear on political life to improve public discourse and strengthen civil society.

Messmore was also founding Director of Trinity Forum Academy (now Trinity Fellows Academy) in Royal Oak, MD. The program, which he designed and oversaw from 2001-2006, offers recent college graduates a nine-month residential program of advanced course work in theology and cultural engagement.

His commentary and analysis have appeared in major newspapers such as The Washington Times and The Australian, online venues such as Crosswalk.com and FOXNews.com, and in national magazines such as First ThingsTouchstone, and Comment. In 2012 he delivered the Acton Lecture in Sydney on Religious Freedom.

He currently resides with his wife, Karin, and three children in Brisbane.
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