Ron Boswell: Not pretty, but pretty effective -- Ron Boswell with Joanne Newbery

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Ron Boswell: Not pretty, but pretty effective

Ron Boswell 
with Joanne Newbery

Paperback, 320 pages, $39.95
ISBN: 9781922815859

December 2023 release

Ron Boswell, ‘Boz’, left school at 14 and went on to become the Father of the Australian Senate. His story will make you laugh and cry and cheer for the underdog.

Ron Boswell tells politics like it is and how one person really can make a difference.

No nonsense, no frills, this is Australian politics at its rugged best. This book makes you a fly on the wall to some of the biggest political issues over the past forty years. From Joh for PM to fighting the extremists and the carbon wars, Boswell gives a firsthand account of key events.

Whether it’s magic cufflinks, grass turf wars, taxi fares, banana pests, political prawns, or superyacht flower bills, you are bound to find something interesting and inspiring. 

From Chapter 1: 

" Australians considering a Parliamentary career should have confidence that a lot is achievable by standing up. Yes, it’s easy to go with the flow in Canberra. It’s a lot harder to put your head above the parapet and maybe get shot at. If you’re not seduced by the ‘leave everything to the market’ and ‘governments should keep out of everything’ brigade, you can make a real difference."

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