Religion of Peace: My Story -- Emma Eros

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ISBN: 9781922449276

Religion of Peace

My Story

Emma Eros

Paperback, 200 pages, $29.95

ISBN: 9781922449276

Mid-October 2020 release

It’s about time we had an Australian of Muslim background step forward to share an insider’s perspective.

We can’t be blamed for thinking that Muslim societies are male-dominated and don’t really encourage women to get ahead in life and play lead roles.

Nor can we be blamed for thinking that integrating into Australian society has been a real struggle for so many Muslims from migrant backgrounds.

Emma’s life as a successful businesswoman, happily married to an Aussie bloke and a mother of three beautiful children, challenges both these stereotypes in a single hit.

You may or may not agree with everything she has to say, but it is important that her views get out there in the public space. It’s about time someone like her who gets both cultures stepped up and put some sense into this debate that’s been long overdue.

-- Mark Latham

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