Radicals in Australian Social Work: Stories of Lifelong Activism (COPY)

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Radicals in Australian Social Work
Stories of Lifelong Activism

Edited by Carolyn Noble, Bob Pease and Jim Ife

With contributions from Mick Adams, Jean Boladeras, Jacques Boulet, Linda Briskman, Peter Camilleri,
Moira Carmody, Bill De Maria, Jo Dillon, Christine Fejo-King, Jim Ife, Jude Irwin, Mary Lane, Sharon
Moore, Carolyn Noble, Bob Pease, Stuart Rees, Ros Thorpe, John Tomlinson, Wendy Weeks.

Paperback 360 pages, $39.95 ISBN: 9781925501711

The contributions to this book are from people who were involved in the radical and progressive movements in Australian social work from the 1970s onward. The contributors tell their stories and reflect on their achievements and struggles to promote progressive change in social work in Australia. In documenting these experiences, the book provides an important resource for students and practitioners about a critically important part of their professional and educational heritage. The book also outlines a platform of change strategies for re-imaging a radical agenda, as social work responds to the impending social, political and environmental challenges facing future generations.

Carolyn Noble is currently Professor (Social Work Discipline) at Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), Sydney and Professor Emerita at Victoria University, Melbourne.

Bob Pease is currently Adjunct Professor in the Institute for the Study of Social Change at the University of Tasmania and Honorary Professor in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Deakin University.

Jim Ife has been involved in social work education and community activism around human rights and social justice since the 1970s, and is currently Professor of Social Work at Western Sydney University.

1. Introduction: The Changing Socio-Political Context and Theoretical Frames of Radical Social Work in Australia -- Bob Pease
2. Action for Social Justice – Then and Now: A Memoir -- Ros Thorpe
3. When We Tried to ‘Meet the Universe Half Way’: An All-Too-Brief Revolution in Social Work Education,
Research and Practice -- Jacques Boulet
4. Within/Without: Conversations on the Journey of Critical Social Work -- Peter Camilleri
5. From Radical Social Work to Critical Reflective Practice:
On Selling the Soul of Social Work -- Jo Dillon 
6. The Limp Hand or the Clenched Fist: Framework Firestorms in a School of Social Work -- Bill De Maria
7. Green Politics, Science and Social Work -- Jim Ife
8. Medicare and Social Work Activism -- Stuart Rees 
9. Whither Feminism in Social Work: What is the Outcome of Four Decades of a Feminist Agenda in Social Work in Australia? -- Carolyn Noble 
10. Critical Reflection and Action: A Feminist Woman’s Journey through Social Work -- Wendy Weeks 
11. Working from the ‘Outside’: Reflections on Sexual Assault Prevention and Social Work -- Moira Carmody
12. Why Don’t We Talk About Patriarchy Anymore? Reflections on Forty Years of Scholarship and Activism Against Men’s Violence Against Women -- Bob Pease
13. Re-imagining Social Work: Moving Towards More Than Just Acceptance of LGBTIQ Communities and People -- Jude Irwin
14. Social Work with First Australians and Dejavu: Or in Other Words, Been There, Done That, So Why are We
Here Again? -- Christine Fejo-King 
15. Respecting and Honoring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders in Social Work Practice -- Mick Adams and Elder Jean Boladeras 
16. The Wisdom of Hindsight: Cumulative Lessons in Activism -- Linda Briskman 

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