Question Time 5: 150 Questions and Answers on the Catholic Faith -- Fr John Flader

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ISBN: 9781922449320

QuestionTime 5: 150 Questions and Answers on the Catholic Faith

Fr John Flader 

ISBN: 9781922449320
Pages:  358 Pages
Price:  $29.95

Following the success of Question Time 1 – 150 Questions and Answers on the Catholic Faith, first published in 2008, and Question Time 2, published in 2012, Fr Flader here offers yet another 150 questions and answers on everything Catholic: doctrine, the sacraments, moral life, prayer and devotions. They are taken from the author’s popular Question Time column in Sydney’s The Catholic Weekly. The column, now in its twelfth year, also appears in other Australian Catholic newspapers.

The book is written in a balanced, easy-to-read style and contains a wealth of information that will be invaluable for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Catholic faith or who is in a position to hand on the faith to others: priests, teachers, catechists, parents, RCIA coordinators, sacramental program coordinators, recent converts...

“Fr John Flader’s book provides a useful and much-needed explanation of the faith drawn from the Scriptures, the Patristics and the Councils. Many enquirers in the faith and RCIA members will find the text helpful and informative. It is an ideal complement to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, to which it is amply referenced. I strongly recommend this excellent faith resource.” – Most Rev B.J. Hickey, Archbishop Emeritus of Perth

“At a time when what the Catholic Church believes and teaches seems perplexing, even absurd to many people, there is a need to explain clearly and simply why the Church believes and teaches what she does. We need a new apologetics. Here Fr John Flader offers a presentation of Catholic teaching which shows that, however strange it may seem to contemporary culture, Catholic teaching is the fruit of long experience and deep thought.”
– Most Rev. Mark Coleridge, Archbishop of Brisbane

Fr John Flader BA (Harvard), DCL (Navarre), was ordained a priest of Opus Dei in 1967 and came to Australia in 1968. He has served as chaplain of Warrane College at the University of New South Wales (1970-1991), chaplain of the University of Tasmania (1992-1997) chaplain of RMIT University (1998-2001), Director of the Catholic Adult Education Centre of the Archdiocese of Sydney (2002-2010), chaplain of Montgrove College (2011-2014) and since 2015 chaplain of Tangara School for Girls in Cherrybrook, Sydney

The 150 Questions in this volume

601 A gender-neutral God?

602 Are the bushfires God’s punishment? 

603 Old Testament Jewish feasts

604 More Jewish feasts

605 Still more Jewish feasts

606 The accuracy of the New Testament text

607 Archaeological evidence for the New Testament

608 The Dead Sea Scrolls

609 The Pharisees and Sadducees

610 Who were the scribes?

611 Does Christ bring peace? 

612 St Paul making up “what is lacking” 

613 Historical evidence for Christ 

614 Did Jesus know he was God? 

615 Did Jesus behave like God? 

616 Jesus the Messiah

617 More prophecies of the Messiah 

618 Proof of the Resurrection of Christ 

619 The Church is one 

620 The Church is holy

621 The Church is catholic 

622 The Church is apostolic

623 Fathers of the Church

624 Eastern Fathers of the Church 

625 Western Fathers of the Church

626 More Western Fathers of the Church 

627 The Fathers of the Church and conversions 

628 Dogmas and doctrines

629 The Leuven Project 

630 Plenary Councils 

631 The Church is hierarchical 

632 Decision-making in the universal Church 

633 Decision-making in the local Church 

634 The sensus fidei 

635 A Vatican document on the sensus fidei

636 Practical consequences of the sensus fidei 

637 Seventh-Day Adventists and the Church

638 Faith in the Church 

639 Prayer for the Church 

640 Prayer for the Pope 

641 Predestination

642 Pope Francis and hell 

643 A new Sign of the Cross 

644 What can be blessed 

645 Incense in the liturgy 

646 Baptism in the early Church

647 More ceremonies of Baptism in the early Church 

648 Candles in the Mass 

649 Has the Pope changed the Our Father? 

650 Receiving Communion kneeling 

651 Communion for Protestants 

652 Communion in a nursing home 

653 The Eucharistic miracle of Santarem 

654 The Eucharistic miracle of Amsterdam 

655 A Eucharistic miracle in Mexico 

656 The seal of confession

657 Would priests violate the seal of confession? 

658 The consequences of state legislation on the seal of confession 

659 Voluntary priestly celibacy

660 The effects of laicisation 

661 The ordination of women and the Plenary Council 

662 Weddings not celebrated in a church

663 Convalidation of a marriage

664 The internal forum solution

665 Is divorce on the decline?

666 A right to same-sex marriage? 

667 Same-sex marriage: why not? 

668 Children in same-sex relationships

669 Blessings for gay couples

670 Can freedom be diminished?

671 Freedom and responsibility

672 The emotions and responsibility 

673 The principle of double effect 

674 Mortal sin and salvation

675 The indirect voluntary

676 Good and bad fruit

677 The Sunday Mass obligation 

678 Embryo adoption

679 When does the soul enter the body?

680 Abortion and a woman’s body

681 Abortion and the death penalty

682 The Pope and the death penalty 

683 What is euthanasia? 

684 Arguments against euthanasia

685 More arguments against euthanasia 

686 The slippery slope of euthanasia

687 Involuntary euthanasia

688 Euthanasia in Australia

689 Attending a person dying by assisted suicide

690 The origins of gender theory

691 Gender theory and the Yogyakarta Principles

692 The power of the gender movement 

693 The European Union and the gender ideology movement 

694 Safe Schools and Gender Dysphoria 

695 Pope Francis and gender ideology

696 Vatican document on gender theory

697 More on the Vatican document on gender theory

698 The attack on the family

699 More on the attack on the family 

700 Still more on the attack on the family 

701 Defending family values

702 Safe Schools and same-sex marriage

703 More about Safe Schools 

704 Attending same-sex “weddings” 

705 Humanae Vitae revisited

706 Why is contraception not permitted?

707 Condoms and HIV\

708 Politicians and legislation against the moral law

709 Voting for a “less bad” law 

710 Politicians and excommunication

711 Yoga and Christianity

712 Tai Chi and Christianity

713 The value of the rosary 

714 The rosary and the battle of Lepanto

715 The rosary and more battles

716 The Infant of Prague 

717 Our Lady of Good Success

718 Our Lady of Good Success and prophecies about our times 

719 Advent and penance 

720 Advent in the Eastern tradition 

721 History of the celebration of Christmas

722 Christmas Names and Masses

723 History of the feast of Epiphany 

724 Generosity in Lent 

725 Sackcloth and ashes

726 Passiontide

727 The history of Holy Week

728 The Easter Vigil

729 The Octave of Easter

730 Easter water

731 The Easter Season

732 Feast of the Ascension 

733 Feast of Pentecost 

734 Feast of Mary, Mother of the Church

735 Feast of the Annunciation

736 Feast of the Transfiguration 

737 Feast of the Holy Name of Mary

738 Holy days of obligation 

739 Why devotion to Mary?

740 Do Catholics worship Mary? 

741 Is Our Lady Co-redemptrix?

742 Blessed Imelda Lambertini 

743 St Rose of Lima

744 St Nunzio Sulprizio

745 St Giuseppe Moscati 

746 St Josephine Bakhita 

747 St Padre Pio

748 Pope St Paul VI

749 Our Lady of Guadalupe

750 Our Lady of Zeitoun 

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