Piss and Wind, George Reid: A Liberal Forgotten -- Luke Walker

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Piss and Wind
George Reid
A Liberal Forgotten

Luke Walker

Paperback, 72 pages, $19.95

ISBN 9781922449566

Australian Biographical Monographs 10

This new monograph by Luke Walker, based on his honours thesis, addresses this issue informing us of Reid’s contribution as Australia’s fourth prime minister, but just as importantly his roles as Minister of Education of New South Wales where he introduced important reforms and then as Premier. More than that, as Australia’s first High Commissioner to London, Reid made sure that Australia’s contribution to World War One was well and truly recognised by those in the British establishment. Although Scottish born, Reid was a proud Australian. He set an early example for us all. 

Luke Walker is a lawyer practising in Planning, Environment and Government law.  He holds a Bachelor of Laws with honours and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and Political Science (with honours) from the University of Queensland. George Reid was the subject of Luke’s political science honours thesis and he maintains an active interest in the politics of the Australian colonies and early Commonwealth.

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