Pechalba Down Under: Macedonians in Australia -- Nick Anastasovski

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Pechalba Down Under
Macedonians in Australia

Nick Anastasovski

Hardback, 404 Pages, $49.95

ISBN: 9781922449474

“The voices of our great grandfathers and those who came after them, resonate on each page through anecdotes of war, trauma, poverty and separation, alongside the countless examples of resilience to survive life journeys associated with uprootedness and oppression.  The stories of survival and success celebrate a resilient, hard-working people, with deep cultural and familial roots which helped ground them in Australia. 
     A meticulous, well written and well researched history explaining how the Macedonians come to be one of the largest diaspora communities in the world. The value of this labour is immeasurable.” 
-- Pandora Petrovska, Published author, language education specialist and school leadership Victorian Department of Education and Training.  PhD Linguistic human rights.

“The distinguished author has made a timely and important contribution to understanding and documenting contemporary Macedonian migration to Australia. Through a rigorous and relevant research process he shows how the Macedonian diaspora in Australia has made a positive and significant impact to Australia’s social, economic and cultural development. The Macedonian diaspora has become the bedrock for advancing Australia-Macedonia relations. This insightful book, packed with historical examples shows how Macedonian migration matters to national identity, democracy, and human rights in Australia and Macedonia. This compelling book is a must read for all key stakeholders who value historical research about migration to Australia from a Macedonian community perspective.”
-- Ordan Andreevski, Co-Director of the United Macedonian Diaspora, Australia. 

“Done well, migrant history offers a mirror to the host society, reflecting in another language, and from a fresh perspective, aspects of its national history that are perhaps less historiographically stable than most mainstream historians imagine. Dr Nick Anastastovski has produced a magnificent addition to the canon of Australian migrant history, valuable not only for Macedonians, but for everyone who cares to understand migration as a lived experience.”
-- Robert Pascoe, Dean Laureate and Professor of History, Victoria University, Melbourne   

“Pechalba Down Under by Nick Anastasovski is an important work for Macedonians in Australia, anyone with roots from Macedonia and for those who are interested in understanding Macedonian migration. This work comprehensively introduces the reader to the Macedonians and should be read by everyone who has an interest in learning about their Macedonian heritage but also anyone interested in learning about the Macedonians.”   
-- Todor Petrov, President World Macedonian Congress

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