Paul Stenhouse MSC: A Life of Rare Wisdom, Compassion and Inspiration -- Wanda Skowronska

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Paul Stenhouse MSC: A Life of Rare Wisdom, Compassion and Inspiration

Wanda Skowronska

Paperback, 322 pages, $39.95

ISBN 9781922449443

Release Date: Jan 2021

Father Paul Stenhouse dazzled with his knowledge yet remained humble, was serious yet had a continual eye for ironic humour, was understated and yet heroic in reaching out to those who suffered. This book recounts the life of a priest-scholar whose love for Christ constantly impelled the tasks of his everyday life, whether he was driving students to the airport, preparing souls for Baptism, writing sermons, books and articles, travelling by train to Ekaterinburg, studying in Topkapi Palace in Istanbul or climbing mountains in Kashmir. Fr Stenhouse saw God's mystery threading the universe and never ceased speaking of it to us all. 

Paul Stenhouse's range of intellectual and pastoral activities was extraordinary. Few who benefited from them knew more than one facet. Wanda Skowronska's deep research finally reveals the true breadth and depth of one of Australia's most admirable and effective Catholic lives.
Professor James Franklin, Editor of the Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society. 

Fr Paul Stenhouse MSC is an Australian Catholic legend. This book brings the legend to life. It will console his friends who miss him and inspire those who never knew him. He was the “complete package” – urbane, intelligent, brave, pastoral, exceptionally well-travelled, well connected and devoutly Catholic. With this work, following her much acclaimed ‘Angels, Incense and Revolution: Catholic Schooldays of the 1960s’ (2019), Wanda Skowronska is fast emerging as Australia’s leading popular Catholic writer. 
Professor Tracey Rowland. St John Paul II Chair of Theology, Notre Dame University.

Wanda Skowronska has produced a compelling portrait of Paul Stenhouse MSC, which illuminates his life of scholarly learning and popular communication in the field of journalism and integrates it with his vocation of missionary love as a priest. A timely and engaging biography that reveals why an outstanding Australian priest, scholar, and editor should not be forgotten.
Karl Schmude, Co-founder of Campion College Australia. 

Wanda Skowronska is a psychologist, author and lecturer living in Sydney Australia. She is the author of several books and wrote for the journal Annals for over 15 years.

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