On the Left Bank of the Tiber -- Gerald O'Collins SJ

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On the Left Bank of the Tiber

Gerald O'Collins SJ

ISBN:  9781922168689
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  320 pages
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Praise for A Midlife Journey, the life of Gerald O’Collins SJ up to 1974.

‘One of the merits of the book is the vivid picture it presents of the hopes and turmoils in the church and in society at large that took off especially in 1968. O’Collins is frank about how the situation affected his own life as a priest and a Jesuit…We can look forward to an insider’s assessment of the Roman scene during the long and controversial pontificate of John Paul II.’
-- John O’Malley, SJ,
 Theological Studies

‘This is a direct and honest account of the theological formation of a sincere and eminent theologian who also clearly possesses a great heart. Fr O’Collins has woven the first half of his tapestry; we await the second half with keen interest.’
-- Peter Tyler,
 The Pastoral Review

‘I found the book compelling reading…This book will interest many readers…Above all, it will reveal a wonderful man.’
-- Frank Mobbs,

‘…a very honest and inspiring account of a man who wrestled personally with what it means to be a Christian, a friend of Jesus, and a member of the Church in our times... I and many others keenly look forward to a further volume of Fr O’Collins’s autobiography.’
-- Kevin Mark,

On the Left Bank of the Tiber covers thirty-two years teaching at the Gregorian University in Rome (1974-2006)—a story peopled with students, professors, visitors, Italian friends and, of course, popes. O’Collins was there for the last years of Paul VI, experienced at first hand the cruelly short pontificate of John Paul I (‘the smiling pope’), and constantly appeared on world television for the final sickness and death of John Paul II. He was on the BBC platform for the election of Benedict XVI. This book records the happiness and challenge of professorial life at an ancient and thoroughly international university, situated on the left bank of the Tiber and looking across the river to the offices of the Vatican. It presents the excitement, achievements and shadow side of the long pontificate of John Paul II—including an insider’s account of the prosecution of Jacques Dupuis. Dean of the theology faculty at the Gregorian (1985–91), O’Collins taught thousands of students, including many who later became bishops and some who have been created cardinals. The book also describes his own theological development (with 61 books that he authored or coauthored now published).

Price: $29.95

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