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Ashley Goldsworthy

Foreword by Cardinal George Pell and Introduction by John Howard

Paperback, 396 pages, $44

May 2022 Release

ISBN 9781922815064

"Ashley’s story is one of hard work, commitment, integrity and a touch of serendipity. It is also one of love, family and faith."  - Tess Livingstone

"He is an outstanding example of Catholic social mobility in a society which was open to this and of the fact that an honorable man can become rich and successful in Australia through hard work and ability and without losing or hiding his Catholic faith and integrity." - Cardinal George Pell

"He reflects the broad church character which I have always found to be important in the Liberal Party. Ashley is a strong believer in private enterprise, individual responsibility, and limited government. His socially conservative attitude leads him to be impatient with political correctness, but not in a manner which is intolerant of others." - John Howard OM AC

"Ashley Goldsworthy is a latter-day Bert Facey and his memoirs are a contemporary business version of Facey’s A Fortunate Life,1 the classic tale of growing up tough in rural Western Australia before going to Gallipoli." - Tony Abbott AC

"Ashley Goldsworthy emerges from these pages as that greatest of achievements: a real human being, not perfect but truly alive. Ordinary perhaps, but with a story to tell that is even more extraordinary than even he may realise. And it is not over." - Archbishop Mark Coleridge

"Ordinary Bloke, Extraordinary Life is a unique autobiography from a unique Australian. The book inspires us to aim high, to never give up and to always give back.
At the same time, Ashley’s book reminds us to take time, to pause, to smell the roses and perhaps to write some verse on one’s own journey through life."
- Larry Anthony

"I first came to know and admire Ash Goldsworthy because of our shared passion for innovation, taking the long view and changing corporate cultures." - Barry Jones AC


Ashley Goldsworthy’s life experiences can only be described as extraordinary. His 85 years have traversed seven careers, after leaving school unsure about what he wanted to do. He sat on the boards of over 20 public and private companies in Australia, the USA and Malaysia; he was CEO of Australia’s then largest construction company; CEO of a retail bank; Chairman of an international construction company; deputy CEO of one of Australia’s largest insurance companies; Director of Economic Statistics for the Federal Government, and World President of the International Federation for Information Processing. His extra-curricular activities include board positions in a casino, ballet, theatre and circus, educational institutions, governmental councils, not-for-profit organisations, and professional societies. He was Professor of Leadership and Dean of the School of Business at Bond University. Ashley also owned  and operated several very successful vocational educational companies, and served as Federal President of the Liberal Party of Australia. He graduated from four Australian universities and two overseas universities in accounting, business, public administration, science, theology, and canon law; and is currently reading for a Doctorate of Jurisprudence. His life has been enriched by 91 overseas trips.  A Fellow of 11 professional accounting, management, finance, and computing societies. Honoured by the Queen as an Officer of the British Empire (OBE), Officer of the Order of Australia (AO), Centenary Medal. Invested as a Knight of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta, and a Papal Knight in the Order of St. Sylvester. He has published two volumes of poetry and over 140 papers in information technology and management, and two books on leadership. Married to Shirley for 65 years, they have four children, ten grand-children and six great-grandchildren.

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