Notes From Woketopia: Laying Bare the Lunacy of Woke Culture -- James Macpherson

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Notes From Woketopia: 
Laying Bare the Lunacy of Woke Culture

James Macpherson

Paperback, 312 pages, $34.95

ISBN 9781922449863

December 1, 2021 Release

In this series of essays James Macpherson lays bare the lunacy of woke culture and exposes the incoherence of identity politics.
From virtue signalling public officials to woke sporting organisations; from so-called anti-racists to climate-bedwetters and the transgender phenomena, Macpherson has them all in his sights.
He will have you laughing at the insanity of woke culture while making the case that people must be free to speak and react to events as normal people would speak and react if the West is to avoid being transformed into Woketopia, which is no utopia at all.
James Macpherson was a News Limited journalist before leading one of Australia’s largest churches. He writes regularly for The Spectator.

“On every troubling issue, James writes provocatively and insightfully with a sharp humour that torpedoes the fraudulent dogma and fake morality of the new religion of ‘woke’ while laying out with faith and conviction a comprehensive moral framework to help us all navigate the pernicious world of ‘woke’ morality. “
– Rowan Dean, Author, Host of Outsiders on Sky News, Editor of Spectator Australia, Financial Review columnist

“Macpherson is serious and funny and seriously funny. Notes from Woketopia is your essential weapon to fight the war on woke. Macpherson has a brilliant eye for the absurdity, hypocrisy, and ridiculousness of much of the modern world. He says what 97% of people are thinking - the world has gone mad. Buy Notes from Woketopia (while you’re still allowed to) and read it and laugh and cry and then put it on your bookshelf next to Swift and Orwell.”
– John Roskam, Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs

“James Macpherson doesn’t so much deconstruct the wokester’s ideas as he follows the logic, innocently applying witticisms until absurdity is self-evident.”
– Lyle Shelton, Director of Campaigns and Communication, Christian Democratic Party

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