Neville Wran -- David Clune

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Neville Wran

Australian Biographical Monographs No. 5

David Clune

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ISBN 9781922449092

Neville Wran was arguably the most significant Premier of NSW in the 20th century. He rescued the Labor Party from the political wilderness with his victory in May 1976, then won three more elections, two by then unprecedented landslides. Wran pioneered the effective use of television in election campaigns. Key elements of the Wran model were gradualist politics, competent delivery of basic services, unity in the government, and not getting too far ahead of the voters. Moderate politics did not preclude reform, rather it was a platform for it. Wran left a significant legacy of environmental, social, human rights, constitutional and electoral reforms. 

David Clune was for many years the Manager of the NSW Parliament’s Research Service and the Parliament’s Historian. He is currently an Honorary Associate in the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney and Consultant Historian to the NSW Legislative Council History Project. Dr Clune has written extensively about NSW politics and history. 

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