Miranda Kiraly

Miranda Kiraly is a lawyer, writer and PhD student. She has authored several publications on law, politics and social science, including her peer-reviewed book: Freedom Fallacy: The Limits of Liberal Feminism with Dr Meagan Tyler (Connor Court, 2015). She has also authored ‘Bittersweet Charity’ in Really Dangerous Ideas (Connor Court, 2013) and ‘Where Does the Private Domain Start and the Public End’ in Turning Left and Right: Values in Modern Politics (Connor Court, 2013). Miranda has previously worked in federal politics as a speechwriter and researcher and had a senior role in the 2013 federal election campaign. From 2009-2013, she was co-discussant for the Liberal Book Club. She currently works as a lecturer and tutor in law and politics. Her research interest areas include Australian political machinery; liberal law reform; critiques of liberal feminism, neoliberalism and sexual libertarianism; systemic and institutionalised structural inequality in public life; radical anti-pornography and anti-sex industry policy; Judeo-Christian moral theology and its relationship with Australian party politics; and broader radical feminist political theory and thought.

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